​Strange thing, this web of life.

We stare in awe at its complexity, trying to solve it’s deep, dark mysteries. What we don’t realise  is that it is we who get tangled in the ephemeral embrace of its lacy, labyrinthian limbs.


​We are but fragments of a greater conscience,

crawling with all our might to leave a mark.

Born to tread on bloodied paths,

on journeys to our deaths we embark.

-Shashank Kashyap 

​Life springs from the darkest of corners, bringing hope in gloomy hours. Be not fooled by the illusion before you, your love for life blinds you from the futility of it all.
-Shashank Kashyap 

The train 

​I hear the approaching giant.

Yet, I am stiff as a rotting corpse.

Is it because of the fear of perishing?

Or is it because there is no reason left to fear non-existence?

I will never know.

The lights cast my shadow on the ground before me, the noise is deafening .

 But I flinch not even once . 

I clench my fists, not letting them wipe that tear off my cheek one last time.

The shadow grows taller, my doubts vanish.

I’ve made up my mind.

I think if there is anything on the other side , but that shouldn’t be my concern now.

For I have to depart from this wretched world .

For I’ve suffered enough.

For I have to depart from this broken shell of mine.

My time has come.

  – Shashank Kashyap

Tyrant and treats.

One often fails to realize the rather intriguing connection between seemingly unrelated entities. Perhaps it is because we all have such busy ,monotonous, routine-defined lives . But when one does eendeavor to break the monotony, one discovers a world of entangled things and people in the worst chaotic spider that is creation.

One such connection is between Adolf Hitler,the second world war, and popular foodstuffs.

Early 1940’s- Karnataka , India,- the Maiya brothers, owners of the Mavalli tiffin room( MTR)  were perplexed when there was a shortage of rice in India, which was then a British colony fighting in world war II. They decided to experiment and made their idlies with semolina and sour, leftover curd. And thus, the humble rava idli was born. 

1940- Nazi Germany .Coca-Cola Deutschland faced a massive problem. They were unable to import a key ingredient for Coca-Cola due to a trade embargo. Max Keith, the head ofCoca-Cola Deutschland brewed a new drink with readily available ingredients like whey. He had to use his imagination for this. (‘fantasie’ in German ) and so, a new favorite was created. This drink was Fanta. 

1946- Alba, Piedmont, Italy. Pietro Ferrero sat in his bakery and wondered how he could make a substitute for chocolate for the general public ( since chocolate was rationed during the war, and was available only to the nobility) . The solution to this was the first batch of(300kilograms of) ‘Pasta gianduja ‘ a solid block with a little bit of cocoa and a lot of hazelnuts (with other ingredients, of course ).He then made a cream out of the same and sold it as ‘supercrema ‘ in 1951. Pietro’s son Michele Ferrero recreated ‘supercrema’in 1963 for sale throughout Europe and called it ‘ Nutella ‘

The funny thing here, is that the first jar of Nutella left the factory in Alba  on 20th April 1964. And 20th April is also Hitler’s birthday. 

(p.s. 20th April happens to be my birthday as well 🙂 
-Shashank Kashyap 


​Live. Live now.

Live and turn dreams into reality 

Beware! Slumber is you enemy .

Awaken! Sieze your chance.

Live on the edge of today,

For tomorrow is a myth

Live, but acknowledge your mortality .

For permanence is a myth.
Create. Create for its sake

Beheld be your works , you create for passion .

Create memories, create yourself anew.

But prepare to witness your creations crumble.

For eternality is a myth 
Burn brighter.

 Burn like wildfire.

Burn with vehemence.

Burn faster, flames go higher.

Long not to burn forever. 

Forever is a myth.

-Shashank Kashyap 

Tomorrow waits for you

​Walk on! The night is long 

and the world is too tired to help you .

I’ll wait at the end of the tunnel

Wait till you finally come through 
 Fight on sweet child ,

The storm you’re going through.

Fight on brave child ,

Tomorrow waits for you.
Dream on! Your  dreams won’t die 

They’re made of your mighty will

I’ll wait at the pond of fulfillment 

Wait till you drink your fill. 
Fight on sweet child ,

The storm you’re going through.

Fight on brave child ,

Tomorrow waits for you.
-Shashank Kashyap